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The documentation in this area will take the form of an API reference for the NDBE & NObjects (utilities that make the NDBE work, among other odds and ends). It will be completely browseable and cross-referenced and automatically update itself and a whole lot of wonderfully utopian things. So you're probably thinking that it will never exist. Well, you'd be wrong, because it already does exist. In fact, it uses another of our SourceForge projects, sourceWorf. If you look through the NBDE source you'll notice that it uses very java-dox style of commenting. sourceWorf is a system that automatically culls this information from PHP (and soon, ANY language) source code and presents it in an online, browseable format. As soon as we can get it up to sourceForge in one piece, it will be dropped into this area as well.

So have patience! Hopefully this area should be live by the end of September 2001.

UPDATE: Yeah, it really doesn't look like it got up by September did it? :) Not going to happen anytime soon it looks like either. I finally got it up and running (sourceWorf that is) on my box at home but it requires a define in the PHP prepend file to work and until I can remedy that I don't think I can get it up and running on the SourceForge server. Plus I have to add a whole whack of things like users and permissions so I don't get dumb@$$es screwing with the sourceWorf settings, deleting stuff, etc.

The worst part about that is that I had a lot of that working at one point on one of the older servers...but I guess it didn't make it into the CVS repository :(

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