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Below is a link to the NDBE demo area. Before you enter, there are a few things you should know before proceeding:

  1. The demo database contents will periodically be reset. When this happens you will see a message to that effect. This should only last a moment or two. If it persists, please email us here and let us know!
  2. Please refrain from posting obscenities in the database. It is with this in mind that we reset the database every hour, but please bear in mind that until this occurs others will have to look at whatever you decided to enter in the database. Please be considerate.
  3. You may notice that some of the records in the database are either uneditable or undeletable. This is intentional. These records typically include an explanation of the field types and how they operate. If you have questions about a datatype, these records will hopefully provide answers
  4. To exit the demo area, either click on the NDBE logo or return to the index page and click on the '<<' at the top left.

Functional notes: all of the editor configuration components have been disabled for obvious reasons; namely to keep the inevitable monkey from messing up the demo area! I'm afraid you'll have to download and setup the NDBE yourself if you want to see any of them, including the formidable NDBE meta-editor! If you want to see them in, er, inaction, check out the screenshots area.

Click here to proceed to the demo area.

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